Aquamarine | March Birthstone Meaning

If you are born in the month of March your Birthstone is one of my favourites ... Aquamarine.

This gorgeous aqua blue gemstone is part of the Beryl family and varies in colour from light blue (almost clear) to darker blues and blue green hues. 

Aquamarine is a crystal that I find myself really drawn to. Perhaps because the colour is so easy on the eye, it seems to draw you in and make you feel calm.

As its name suggests Aquamarine has long held associations with the sea. The ancient Romans and Greeks saw the stone as a lucky charm for sailors. Because Aquamarines were so treasured by mermaids, they believed it would lend them courage and protection on the water.

Like the waves of the sea Aquamarine is thought to cleanse and clear away negative energy and thoughts, bringing about calm and peace, uplifting your spirit and renewing your levels of positive energy.

Helping you speak to yourself in truth and trust, Aquamarine is a great stone for realising inner peace and enhancing your self-esteem.

Aquamarine is one of the throat chakra crystals. Meditating with an Aquamarine stone placed at your throat, or wearing an Aquamarine necklace, can help to encourage more confident and positive communication.

Whether you are looking for a meaningful gemstone gift for someone with a March Birthday, something to help a special friend, or a calming uplifting crystal for your collection you just can't go wrong with this super stone.

Are you one of the lucky ones with a March Birthday? Are you a lover of Aquamarine? I would love to hear your experiences with this gemstone. Just pop your comments below.


Aquamarine cleanse negative energy bring calm and inner peace crystal meaning on blue background

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