Birthstones For June

People who are born in June are lucky enough to have two beautiful Birthstones to choose from, Pearl or Moonstone. If you would like to wear your Birthstone, or are looking to buy a gift for somebody with a June Birthday, take a look at each gemstone meaning to see which one resonates best.

Pearl - is thought to be a calming and balancing gemstone that can help to soothe negative emotions. Pearls are said to encourage personal integrity and truth and are regarded as a symbol of purity, loyalty, faith and love. 

Moonstone - is believed to help you reflect on your inner self, strengthening intuition to bring about balance and harmony. It can be used to open the heart chakra to bring in self love and appreciation. It is often used as a travel protection crystal too.

Both of these gorgeous stones have been associated with the Mother Moon and are thought to enhance feminine energy. Many cultures see Moonstone and Pearls as the best stones to encourage fertility.

Do you have a June Birthday? Which is your favourite from your Birthstones?

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Birthstones For June Image Of Grey & White Pearl String

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