Crystals For The Office

Whether you work from a desk at the office, or at home, it could be really beneficial to add some crystals to your working space. There are lots of crystals to choose from, and I would recommend reading up on them to see what fits your work needs best, but here are a few of my favourites to get you started.

To combat EMFs 

Place a Black Tourmaline and/or Shungite crystal next to your computer and electronic devices to help work against the electromagnetic haze that they are emitting. 

For Communication

Most blue crystals are associated with the throat chakra and can help with communicating effectively and actively listening to others. Both of these skills are vital in any work you do. I wouldn't be without a throat chakra crystal in my office. My favourites are Turquoise & Lapis Lazuli.

For Calm Vibes 

Amethyst is one of my go to stones for calming vibes. It's a great crystal to encourage energy focus and mental harmony. Perfect for those days when you have a big meeting or a mile long "to do" list.

For Motivation

Carnelian stones are thought to encourage action and help you move forward with ambition, determination and positive energy. A great crystal to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

For Success

Keep some Citrine or Green Aventurine in your workspace for business success, good luck and abundance. These crystals are perfect little talismans for me. I even carry a Citrine crystal in my pocket for an added abundance boost.

The other benefit of having any of these crystals on your desk is that they all look amazing and will be certain to bring joy to your day just by being near them.

What do you keep on your desk? Which crystals are your favourites to use at work? Do let me know in the comments.


Crystal For The Office Image Of Desk With Laptop Monitor & Vase Of Flowers

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

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