Little Gems Jewels Commitment To Eco-Friendly Packaging

You have really shown an interest in how I'm trying to make Little Gems Jewels more eco-friendly on my social media pages, so I wanted to share a little bit more about how I create the packaging elements for your favourite jewels.

You just love the gemstone meaning cards that are included with every jewellery design, as they make your treat or gift extra special. 

Did you know that I create these here at Little Gems Jewels HQ? I batch print these myself on recycled card and then trim, cut and fold every single one by hand. Although it takes time I absolutely love this job as I know I am adding a little bit of extra care into every package.

Each card is made from recycled paper and is therefore completely recyclable too, helping to look after our wonderful planet.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions about how I'm making things more eco-friendly then please do get in touch


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