Rock Crystal Meaning | April Birthstone Alternative

If you are born in the gorgeous month of April, like me, your traditional Birthstone is Diamond. I don't know about you but, even though I love Diamonds, they're not usually in the budget to be this girl's best friend.

Luckily us April children have an alternative Birthstone that we can call on instead. If you are looking for an April Birthstone on a smaller budget then I'd love to introduce you to Rock Crystal.

Rock Crystal is a Clear Quartz stone which, due to it's widespread availability across the world, has long since been regarded as a powerful healing stone by many civilisations. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Native Americans and Aztecs,to name a few, have all prized Rock Crystal for its healing abilities.

This clear stone is associated with purity and positivity which, when worn, can help to bring about personal growth and inner strength.

As Rock Crystal dispels negative energy is it thought to be a great stone to relieve stress. If you sleep with a Clear Quartz stone under your pillow, or by your bed, it could help to rid your bad dreams too.

Its clear nature makes Rock Crystal a master amplifier. Whether you use it with other crystals to enhance their effect, or in your own meditation to energise the intentions and goals that you want to manifest, you might benefit from its boost.

I sleep with a crystal trio of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal by my bed, so that the Rock Crystal can help boost my positivity and inner strength whilst enhancing the relaxing, good sleep, self love properties from the Rose Quartz and Amethyst.

Do you have any Rock Crystal/Clear Quartz in your collection. How do you use yours?

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