Gemstone Charms Necklace

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Accessorise any outfit with this multicoloured gemstone drop necklace.

Encased in surgical steel circles the 6mm semi-precious crystals really shine as the dainty charms on this boho-inspired design.

Created with sensitive skin in mind using a hypoallergenic surgical lobster clasp and gemstone settings, along with a hard-wearing stainless steel chain.

Amethyst is a natural crystalline Quartz gemstone. It can be used to focus energy and promote mental harmony. Amethyst is the Birthstone for February.

Moonstone is a natural gemstone that is thought to reflect your inner self, helping to strengthen intuition to bring about balance and harmony. It has often been used as a protective amulet for travellers. Moonstone is a June Birthstone.

Lapis Lazuli is a natural gemstone with Pyrite inclusions that add a subtle shimmer to its deep blue colour. Associated with the throat chakra is said to be the stone of friendship and truth allowing the wearer to be authentic and freely express their opinion. Lapis Lazuli is the Birthstone for September.

Labradorite is a calming gemstone that is said to protect from negative energy. It is thought to heighten intuition and can be used as a crystal to enhance spiritual connection with both yourself and the Universe.

Garnet is believed to increase personal energy and vitality. It is also thought to attract wealth and business success. In its red colour Garnet is associated with matters of the heart and can help bring devotion in love. Garnet is the birthstone for January and an Aquarius Zodiac stone.

Necklace length 18" 

Gemstone size - 6mm

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