Are Surgical Steel Earrings Good For Sensitive Ears?

What earrings can I wear if I have a metal allergy?

If you suffer from itchy sore ears when you wear earrings it can be hard to know what to buy that you will be able to adorn your lobes with in comfort.

As a metal allergy sufferer myself it took me years to find out that there were some metals that I could wear without even knowing they were in my ears. My firm favourite became surgical steel and from this welcome discovery Little Gems Jewels was born so that I could share this joy with my fellow itchy ear sufferers.


Is surgical steel really good for sensitive ears?

Most of the earring designs that I create are made using surgical steel and I often get asked if surgical steel really works for sensitive ears.

I am always happy to answer that yes it does in most cases. Being a hypoallergenic metal, surgical steel reduces the risk of an allergic reaction with sensitive skin.

I'm that person who is even allergic to the button on her own jeans and I can certainly say that it has worked wonders for me. I'm not going to lie ... the first time I put in a pair of surgical steel studs I wasn't very hopeful and sat there waiting for the almost instant reaction that I usually have, so I was really surprised when I was able to wear them all day without feeling them.


Do you allergy test your earrings at Little Gems Jewels?

I source all of my surgical steel from reputable suppliers to ensure that it is the real deal. I also double check every new batch of supplies by being a human guinea pig.

I wear a blank pair of all the surgical steel earring findings around the office for a few days as an extra allergy test. Okay, I may look a little silly, but it helps to make sure that they are perfect.  


Are there other metals that are suitable for sensitive ears?

Titanium and Niobium are two other great metals for sensitive ears. If you like to buy costume earrings and swap out the hooks then I would recommend adding these two metals to surgical steel when you are looking for earring findings.

I have recently added the option of Titanium earring hooks to all Little Gems Jewels drop earring designs too, so you can now choose which metal you would prefer. 


Do you guarantee that surgical steel will work for me?

I would absolutely love it if you tried some surgical steel in your sensitive ears, as like myself and my customers, you should find that you can wear earrings with joy again.

If for any reason you find that surgical steel doesn't suit you then, as part of my 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can of course return your earrings for a full refund.


Share your experiences with earrings for sensitive ears.

I would love to hear your sensitive skin stories and what you have found works for your skin. Comment below to share your itchy ear woes or wins.

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