A little bit about me and how Little Gems Jewels was born ........


 Setting Gemstone Stud Earrings


Being allergic to lots of metals (including the buttons on some of my jeans!!) I hadn't worn earrings for years, so I decided it was about time I found something that I could wear. After doing some research I came across surgical steel, made a pair of earrings with my new favourite metal, and never looked back.

From this happy discovery Little Gems Jewels was born. Today I have lots of fun creating wearable hypoallergenic jewellery designs and hearing from my lovely customers who are pleased that they can wear earrings again too.

My Magpie instincts kick in when it comes to colourful gemstones. If something sparkles at me and catches my eye then I just have to make a pretty piece of jewellery with it.

I also love the fact that every gemstone holds its own hint of magic. So when you are wearing a piece of gemstone jewellery it can help you a little in your day.

Being a firm believer that jewellery should be wearable at all times I design each piece with that in mind. You should be able to wear my designs with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, at work, or when you get changed to go out to a party in the evening.

I really enjoy making one off bespoke pieces for that special occasion. If you see something you like in the shop but would like a different colour or design, or you have your own unique style in mind please do get in touch.

As you can probably tell I love to talk! So i'll look forward to speaking to you sometime on the big world wide web, or in person at a craft fair.

Have a wonderful day!

Gem xxx


You can watch me talking more about Little Gems Jewels in this short video that I created for my Facebook page.

Popping by to say Hello!

I have a little confession ...... I don't really enjoy having my picture taken and I am pretty terrified of making videos for social media. So today, instead of putting it off for more months than I already have, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make my first ever video for Facebook. Hopefully you enjoy meeting me in person and learning a little bit more about Little Gems Jewels along the way 😀

Posted by Little Gems Jewels on Thursday, 14 March 2019