Crystals For Positivity

As I'm writing this on a damp and windy February morning I know that longer, sunnier days are around the corner but until then I like to wear crystals for positivity as well as keep a couple on my desk to keep my mood boosted every day.

Below are my personal top 5 gemstones for positivity. I'd love to hear which crystals you wear to help boost your mood, so do let me know in the comments.

- Citrine is definitely my "go to" pick me up gemstone. It's gorgeous vibrant yellow colour is a constant reminder of sunny days. Thought to be a very joyful stone it is believed to help bring about good luck, prosperity and success too.

- Carnelian is a great crystal for taking action which is thought to help you move forward with ambition, determination and positivity.

- Garnet is believed to help bring positivity and vitality to your personal energy levels. It is also thought to attract wealth, business success and devotion in love.

- Peridot is renowned as a cheerful and uplifting gemstone. It is thought to repel negative energy and attract happiness, luck, light, love and abundance.

- Tiger's Eye is a real customer favourite here at Little Gems Jewels. It is believed to help you face life's challenges with optimum strength, courage and confidence.


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Thanks so much for your comment Pam. I think you read my mind as I have some designs with combinations of gemstones for different meanings in the pipeline for launch in April 2024.


A few years ago you made me some double twisted strand necklaces, and one is citrine and garnet. A really good combination. Perhaps you can make some combinations in your collection?

Pam McNally

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