How To Cleanse & Charge Your Crystal Jewellery

Whether you have just bought some new crystal jewellery, have discovered an old favourite hiding in your jewellery box, or have a crystal design that you wear all the time, it's really important to cleanse and recharge your gemstones to make sure that you benefit from their positive energy.

Here are my top tips for cleansing your gemstone jewellery and crystals that you might keep in your home.


This is my favourite way to cleanse crystals, as I just love the thought of the power of the Moon energising my stones.

All you need to do is pop your crystals outside overnight so that they can bathe in the glow of the Moon. 

Burning Sage

Firstly use your smoking Sage stick to cleanse your house, then you know the whole environment you keep your crystals in will be free of negative vibes too.

Next move your Sage smoke around each of your crystals, in a clockwise direction, for about 30 seconds.

When you are smudging it's best to keep the windows open so that any negative energy can flow out.

Clear Quartz

If you have a large piece of clear Quartz you can place smaller crystals and stones on top of it to absorb any build up of negative energy.

Running Water

Natural running water is best for cleansing stones, but you can use a running tap if you don't have your own stream!

Run the water over the crystal for about a minute until it is completely submerged. Then pat dry with a natural fibre cloth.

Please only use this tip for harder stones, as some of the softer or brittle stones can be damaged by water.


This has to be the best way to cleanse your crystals, as you don't need any tools other than your mind.

Hold your crystal in your hands and see the stone being surrounded by a bright white light. Visualise the white light getting brighter and brighter until you feel the crystal's energy shift. 

Now To Set Your Intentions

Once you have cleansed your crystals you can now charge them with intentions, so that they can help you with what you currently need in your life.

Hold your crystal in your hands and talk to it. Tell your wonderful stone what you would like it to do for you so that it can help you manifest this.

If you're not a bit of a hippy, like me, I'm sure you're thinking this sounds a little woo woo, but speaking the words out loud really does seem to help your wishes come true. The crystal will hold onto your words and remember them when you might forget.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

I would recommend cleansing any new crystal that you bring into your home as soon as you can, so that it is focusing it's positive energy on you and your home.

If you haven't worn a piece of jewellery for a while then I would also recommend cleansing and charging the stone before you wear it.

Other than that I would do what feels right for you. As your energy becomes more deeply in tune with the crystals' you will know when they need a boost.

I tend to sage my house most weeks to keep my environment on a positive level and then put my crystals out to the full moon. What's your favourite way to cleanse your crystals? 


How to cleanse your crystals women holding handful of crystals

Photo by Sara Johnston on Unsplash

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